By entering the gates of the off leash area, you are responsible
5.05 of Ordinance No. 3451 of the City of Edmonds, WA.  The the
park a peaceful environment for your dog and you.  
Enter park at
your own risk.

You must clean up after your dog(s) and deposit feces in the
containers at the site (EMC 5.05.070).  

You are liable for the damage inflicted by your dog(s) (EMC

You must muzzle your dogs that exhibit dangerous or aggressive
behaviors such as biting or excessive fighting (EMC 5.05.115).

Dogs should not be left at the park unattended. Owners who see
unattended dogs or other rules violations should call Animal
Control at 425-771-0205.

Dogs that come and play must be licensed and vaccinated (EMC

You must leash your dog when it is outside the off leash area.  It is
recommended that you do not leave your dog leashed while in the
park as the dog might exhibit aggressive tendencies towards other

Remove your dog’s pinch or choke collar before entering the off
leash area.

You must closely supervise young children and children RUNNING is
highly discouraged.  

Bring food into the off leash area at your own risk.

Leave bicycles outside off-leash area.

Female dogs in heat are not allowed (EMC 5.05.080).

Puppies younger than four months are not allowed.   

Please close the gate when entering and exiting and do not let dogs
in or out of the area that are not yours.   

Is the dog park completely fenced on all sides?
In 2011 new fence was funded by OLAE and the City of Edmonds
was installed at the sound end of the park. The location of the
fence was the most level area to install and a pedestrian gate was
added for those who would like to venture beyond.
At low tides
dogs may be able to get around the fence perimeter
, as always
please exercise good judgement and care.  
Do not go onto the
railroad tracks, that is private property of Burlington Northern Rail
company. Going onto the tracks is considering tresspassing.  At the
north end of the park (where the pier used to be) its possible to
scramble across the rocks and enter Marina Beach Park.  Please
note the city of Edmonds does not allow dogs (leashed or
otherwise) in Marina Beach Park.
Problems with Owners?
Please remember, you are in a dog park and dogs have
many behaviors that might be considered controlling and
playful such as wrestling and barking.  

Recognize what is good behavior and what is
inappropriate behavior and talk calmly to the owner if
you feel the behavior is inappropriate.  

If you have an issue that escalates to perhaps a visit to a
vet to check out dog, our advice is to call 911 and ask for
animal control in Edmonds.  

The dog park address is 498 Admiral Way and they will
dispatch a animal control officer who will take your story
and act accordingly.  

The animal control officers have indicated that they
prefer we call 911 and ask for their assistance. If you feel
uncomfortable calling that line, call 425-771-0205.  This
number is their voice mail and it is checked frequently.

Remember, the only way we can have a peaceful and fun
environment is to educated ALL dog owners regarding
their responsibilities to handling their dogs.